Drive Blue: Can Bluetooth Enhance your Driving Experience?

Bluetooth wide availability in vehicles either through passengers' smartphones or vehicle hardware have been poorly exploited by researchers. Neighbor discovery an exclusive Bluetooth feature can be utilized to enhance transportation services while maintaining vehicle's privacy. In this project, we advocate for using Bluetooth in developing intelligent transportation services. We name our project DriveBlue.
Traffic incidents (e.g. congestion, accidents) are likely to affect drivers daily commute. So far solutions to such problems are based on statistical analysis. Bluetooth was used to estimate the travel time based on the time used to travel between two points. In this project, we utilize Bluetooth technology to detecting such conditions providing a ag for problems contingency rather than mitigation.
Bluetooth data can be collected by placing multiple receivers in a single site. Features are extracted, and classified revealing some of the current traffic conditions (e.g. average speed on the road, differentiate between vehicles on HOV versus regular lanes).


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